Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us (cha cha cha), happy anniversary to us (cha cha cha). As you may have guessed it… today is mine and the hubbies 1 year anniversary.  Woohoo!

Time has FLOWN by, and it has been another great year! As I’m writing this, this time last year I was saying prayers with my family and friends before walking down the aisle (at last) to my sweetheart.


Surrounded by our family and friends like family for a word of prayer together, before the ceremony. I could feel God all around us! So many people lifting us up in prayer at the same time.  Woo! I’m getting Glory Bumps again just thinking about it!

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Storms In Your Life


Sometimes in life, you may ask God “why” your going through certain things.  It’s just second nature for us.  Face it – we’re all human.

He asks that we don’t question his judgment. For he is all knowing, and with that he knows what is in our best interest. Continue reading