Veterans Day

First of all I want to thank all of our Veterans for their service and their sacrifice for our country. That we have the liberty and freedom that we enjoy today.

Secondly, I want to thank their families for their sacrifices. While your spouses are away fighting for our freedoms your left back home being single parents and worrying non-stop when your loved one is going to come back home to you.

Please know that people are praying for all of our men and women fighting for our great country and their families. You’re sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

Back in the Vietnam War, my grandfather had 2 brothers sent away to war. Carlton and David Moon. I admire my Uncles tremendously in more ways than they probably know. I want to thank them especially today for all that they did.

Our family is extremely large, but when you need something, we’re always there for each other. My grandfather is 1 of 8 siblings.

Moon Siblings

Carlton Moon

David Moon

Thank you Uncle Carlton and Uncle David for all your sacrifices for our country. I love you both!




 Birthday Eve

Today is my birthday eve. Woohoo! Party time!!! Time flies when your having fun. This past year has been both wonderful and heart breaking. I married my high school sweetheart…

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spent quality time with friends that I hadn’t seen in years….


met new friends, and watched my sweet baby grow. I was very blessed this year, and I owe it all to my Savior, Jesus Christ.

This past year my baby started Kindergarten (time please stop going so quickly).

First Day Kindergarten

She’s all ready to go!!

She amazes me each and everyday. She has memorized so many verses in her Awanas class, and is excelling in so many ways.

Her current favorite Bible story in our study time is about Ruth and Naomi. Such a beautiful story.

We also took our sweet baby to her first Georgia game last weekend.


This has truly been a wonderful year. It’s had it’s ups and downs, gains and losses, but all in all, it’s been great!

God never promises us that our lives will be perfect and without some heartache, but he does promise that he will never leave our side.

Please come back tomorrow for another post about Shadows.

Football Begins!!! Countdown!

It’s been a long off season… so long that the Georgia Peach King has been anxiously waiting on kick-off for the good ol’ Georgia Bulldogs… and the Dallas Cowboys.

He was so pumped up tonight when he got home, football season for Georgia officially starts next weekend.  Which means:

  1. Only football related stuff on TV
  2. Watching every game that comes on (I don’t mind that)
  3. Cookouts
  4. Earplugs for Georgia Peach Princess as she’s trying to go to sleep (Just kidding… well… maybe)

With that being said, the ultimate countdown has begun! 6 days till we get to see our Dawgs in action!!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS! Sic em woof woof woof!Dawgs & Cowboys