Cancer That Awful “C” Word & A Survivor Story

Cancer is an evil word, and even more so and evil and cruel disease that make loved ones leave us way to soon.

Some people are diagnosed early and go through their treatments, with no problem.

Some are blessed, and are able to get the best news that anyone facing the awful “C” word can hope for, that after undergoing surgery, all traces of the cancer are gone.

My Mom after having some issues with her stomach, trying medicine after medicine to treat the issue, was sent to do more tests.  Her Primary Care Physician went the extra mile to make sure everything was okay… Thank God she did!

Upon further tests, the doctor informed her that she had a 10lb tumor attached to one of her kidneys.  He said that it was indeed cancer, and that the type of Cancer she had was Renal Cell Carcinoma.  He informed my parents that they needed to go home and get their affairs in order.  This news devastated us. Completely devastated us.

My daughter was 1 about to turn 2, and I was so depressed that my Mom would not be around to see my sweet baby grow up. That my sweet loving Mom wouldn’t be there to help me raise my daughter, love on her, and do all the things that grandmothers do.  I am an only child, and my daughter is the only grandchild.  All I could do for the next couple of weeks was cry.  Looking at my sweet baby, I didn’t want to think about her growing up without her Nana.

Trying to be strong for my Mom and my Dad, I tried not to cry.  Normally not much makes me cry. But this is was my MOM we’re talking about.  I am blessed to have parents who are incredibly strong in faith.  They said from the get go, “We’re going to pray through this. God has never failed us yet, and we’re not giving up faith! He’ll get us through this too.”

Well, they were exactly right!  Our church family, family and friends rallied around us in the days that were coming ahead of us. Every step of the way.  In fact, when my Mom went to the hospital for her surgery, they’re was about 20-30 people there with us, rallying around us and praying for her and us the whole time she was in surgery.

She came out of surgery and the doctor came over and talked to my Dad and myself.  He said, that with removing her tumor and her kidney, that all signs of the cancer was gone. Yes GONE! He said that in all the cases that he had seen, it had always spread to the other kidney as well.  But with hers, it had just been on that 1 kidney.  He said that he couldn’t explain it, that she was lucky.  We told him, “Lucky yes, but she was BLESSED! She has the best physician working on her – God.  We prayed through this and knew that God was on her side.”

I am blessed to say, that my Mom has now been Cancer free for 4 years, and I thank God for that.  I thank him for never leaving her side.  I thank him for having his will and way done in my Mom’s life, and proving that doctor wrong! I thank him for all my many blessings, and that both my Mom and my Dad have been there to love my daughter, and myself, and my little family all this time.

Last year my parents started on a journey to become as healthy as they can. As of today, they have both lost 125 lbs each. Yes EACH! They are taking it one day at a time, and never giving up their faith.  I’m beyond proud of my amazing parents!

Don’t you ever give up on God! His timing is not always our timing, and he knows what’s best for us, and he especially knows what tomorrow holds for us.


Happy Birthday In Heaven: A Tribute To Sherrie Kelley

Yesterday would have been the 50th birthday to a dear sweet woman of God.  She left this world way to early.  She left behind a loving husband, son and daughter-in-law with 2 beautiful little girls along with many other loved ones.

This loving couple went to a church that my daughter and I used to go to when she was younger.  We hadn’t been back to visit for a while.  One Sunday we dropped in for a visit, my husband had not been to this church, and he was happy to have us all visit together. We sat in the back, and was just enjoying ourselves.

Little did I know, that this sweet lady had just been discharged from the hospital the night before, and she was dedicated and determined to make it to church the next day. They sat in the row in front of us. It was so good seeing them again.

After church was over, we sat and talked for a couple of minutes.  They told me that they wished I had sang today, that they really would have enjoyed it.  They said that the next time I come and visit with them to please sing for them.  I said that I would.  They touched my heart, and gave me one of the sweetest compliments I think I could have ever received.  They told me that when the first heard me sing all those years ago, that they thought I sang like an angel.  I told them that we didn’t have to wait until next time, that I would sing anything they wanted me to sing right then.  

I started singing, and got choked up with tears, thinking about how much pain she had to be going through.  He took my hand and they told me it’s okay.  I apologized and I started again. After if finished I wanted to hug them both, but knowing she was going through chemo I knew I couldn’t, because her immune system was low. Her sweet husband came and gave me a hug, and I told him I wasn’t sure if I could hug him either because of the circumstances. He explained that it was okay.  That’s when this sweet dear woman of God gave me a hug and said, I’ll hug you too, you’re special. 

On the way home I thought of this sweet couple and prayed for them.  She had been battling cancer for a couple of years, and she still always had a smile on her face. She was truly an inspiration. 

I got a message some days later from a friend of mine explaining that our sweet friend was facing more challenges and that hospice was being called in. My heart broke for them. I told my husband that I was so thankful we stayed that day after church so I could to sing to them.  

I got in contact with this sweet woman’s mother-in-law and asked if it would be okay for me to come and sing to her at the hospital.  She messaged me later and said that would be fine.  I met her there and I said I would sing to her till she got tired of me. I told them I didn’t know what else I could do, and that I just wanted to share with them my gift that God had blessed me with. How we all have a talent chosen from God, and that I just wanted to do what I could for them.  I sang and we talked about how good God is, and she told me, “I know where I’m going, and if he calls me today, I’m ready.”  She was truly a woman of faith, and I told her one of the talents God gave her was the gift of joy, how she could make anyone smile just being around her. 

When I stopped singing for a minute, she told me, “When I leave here, I want you to sing for me.” I knew exactly what she was asking. She was asking me to sing at her funeral. I told her of course I would that I would be honored.  As I left that day, I cried the whole way home. She had picked out the songs she wanted that day, and the songs she picked were truly perfect for her and for the journey she had been through.  

  1. Brand New Touch
  2. Oh What A Savior
  3. If You Could See Me Now

She left this walk of life on September 30, 2016, but she began her new life in Heaven that same moment. 

This post is dedicated to Sherrie Kelley, who left this world so soon, but left a testimony of faith and love for all around her. And to her husband Toby Kelley who was always by her side, and to her son Bill White and his family.  

I would also like to dedicate this post to anyone who has lost someone to this awful disease. It’s Cancer Awareness month, please be in prayer for all who have lost someone to Cancer and their families, as well to those who have survived Cancer, and those who are currently fighting Cancer. 

God Bless! 

Happy Birthday in Heaven Sherrie Annette (Tubby) White Kelley. 

​The video I made for her family has been shared with them and I have also uploaded it to YouTube as A Tribute To Sherrie Kelley


I posted on my Facebook account some amazing news last month… September 4th, 2016 at 9:36 pm my sweet baby asked Jesus to come into her heart.

Whew! I cannot even begin to describe my emotions to you!  I had prayed and longed for this moment from the time I found out I was pregnant with her.  That God would lead, guide and direct my paths, and hers.

Last week when she was spending the night with my parents, she told my parents “Every night when Ma-Ma gets to me sleep, she has Bible study with me or sings me one of those ‘Ol Baptist Songs.”  When my mom told me she said Shelby wasn’t complaining about it. I said, “Well, that makes my heart happy, I must be doing something right.”

I love, and I mean LOVE having Bible study with her, she asks questions and is so intrigued by the people we are reading about, and remembers almost everything we study about.  Her favorite stories from the Bible so far are:

  1. Gideon and the wet and dry fleece
  2. Ruth & Naomi
  3. Sampson
  4. Joseph & The Twelve Tribes of Israel

Which brings me to my inspiration for this post thanks to Daily Prompt: Promises.  As some of you are aware of, we lost my Grandfather this month last year.  It’s hard to believe that he’s almost been gone a year.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him or think about him.  I even have a picture of him on my desk at work, so that I can see his smile (and remember) his laugh. Because when he smiled, he was always laughing. The kind of laugh that makes you smile yourself.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, my sweet baby starting tearing up about missing her Pa-Pa. He would do anything for his girls, and he was always reading to my sweet baby.  Whatever she wanted him to read he would – he was an avid reader himself.

Today a customer came into work, and his last name was my grandfathers middle name. Doyle… not a name you hear very often.  I told him just hearing that name made me smile, and I thanked him for making me smile today.  When he left he said, “Goodbye Mrs. Doyle.”

No that’s not my last name, but I know that God promises us that he has angels watching over us.

Psalms 91:11 says, For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”

I’m not saying that this man was an angel. But the Bible also says in Hebrews 13:2

Hebrews 13:2 “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

But I know that every word of God’s is a promise to us.  And he never breaks a promise – EVER! What an awesome and mighty God we serve.

1 Kings 8:56 – Blessed [be] the LORD, that hath given rest unto his people Israel, according to all that he promised: there hath not failed one word of all his good promise, which he promised by the hand of Moses his servant.

I truly believe that now I have one of the most wonderful Guardian Angels watching over my little family.  I don’t think for an instance that it was just a “coincidence” that Mr. Doyle dropped by our office.  I believe with all my heart, that it was just a reminder from my Lord and Savior, that everything will be alright.

I hope this finds you doing well, and please keep my little family in your prayers. In just a couple of days it will be a year since our sweet grandfather left this walk of life to be with his Lord and Savior up in Heaven.  His life up there is only beginning, and we are left here missing him, but knowing that with God’s promises we will see him again one day.