Memorial Day 2016

Video taken from Memorial Day Laser Show at Stone Mountain Park. Music is sung by my parents and myself.

I hope everyone had a great 3-day weekend last week.

Memorial Day is not just about a 3-day weekend (although it is a plus). It’s not about cookouts, hamburgers, hot dogs, pool parties… No… Memorial Day is about honor and respect for those who have sacrificed, fought and even died for our Freedom to be in this wonderful land. “Home of the free, because of the brave!”


Think about these few things for a couple of minutes:

  1. Soldiers leave their home to go defend our great nation.
  2. While their soldiers are gone – the spouses and children are left at home praying that they will return safely.
  3. Some return home unharmed and are greeted by their loved ones.
  4. Some return home for their families injured, battered and bruised.
  5. And some make the Ultimate Sacrifice to defend our freedom and our rights with their lives – leaving behind spouses who are now widows and children with a void from the loss of a parent.


I urge everyone to join me in prayer to honor, respect, love and support our military men and women who sacrifice so much of their selves for EACH and EVERY one of us.

When you see a soldier, or a Veteran, please thank them for their time and sacrifice for us!

God Bless America!


* I hope you enjoyed the video! Please let me know if you did, by leaving me a comment. It would really make my day! *