Taming a hair melt down… and here’s how I do it

You wouldn’t think that just by brushing your little one’s hair, that you are opening up the door to mass destruction.  I’m not even kidding.  Does anyone else have a little one that HATES for their hair to be touched, much less, brushed.  Oh heaven help me. 

When my little Georgia Peach Princess had long, beautiful, curly hair, it took about 1 hour to comb and dry it.  Why you ask… because the meltdown of all meltdowns always greeted me, and not like a cool breeze in the summer.  More like a blast of heat slapping you in the face in the middle of July.

So, after hours of frustration… and a major hair cut for the Georgia Peach Princess, I finally came up with a sure fire way to instantly change her mood from “Hair Trauma Mama” to “Beauty Shop Hero”.

This is how I have regained my sanity while doing her hair…

  1. Imitate the most animated British accent that I can muster up.
  2. Be silly – I always ask her “How’s your Mum and them?”
  3. Let your imagination run wild – anything goes in the “Beauty Shop”

We have so much fun!  The GA Peach King even finds it humerous.  Alot of times, we’re already done with her hair, and she still begs me to keep up the accent.  That’s usually when the hubby says, “You’ve been doing this a while, because the accent is blending in with “your” accent.

It still amazes me, how she can be in a grumpy mood, and when the “Beauty Shop” shows up, a whole new personality shines through her.  Giggles and grins replace the pouty lip.

So remember, make memories, be silly, be inmature (at the right time), and love with all you have.

I hope that this helps someone out there struggling with a hair dilema.  Because a happy baby = A happy Mama.

Does anyone else have something that is an instant mood changer? I’d love to hear about your ideas.

* If you’d like to share this idea, please remember that sharing is caring.  Please link it back to me.* 



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