Warm & Cozy Hat

I hope that you enjoy making this hat as much as I did.

In the start of it, it was intended for me, since I had just made the princess another one.  However, she loved it so much, that this one now belongs to her, and I will begin making me one.

If you would like to share this pattern, please remember to share the love.  Thank you!




Step 1: Chain 8

Step 2: Single crocheat (SC) in the second CH from the hook.  Repeat until you reach the end.  CH 2, turn.

Step 3: Double crochet (DC) in every SC until you reach the end.  CH 1, turn.

Step 4: SC in every DC until you reach the end.  Repeat steps 3 &4 until you get the desired border length for hat.

Step 5: Slip stich together the 2 ends of the hat border. Chain 1.

Step 6: DC around every loop, chain 1… repeat around the rest of the row.  Slip stich them together when you get back to the start of the row.  Repeat for 7 more rows (or to desired height of hat).

Step 7: DC around every other loop.  Repeat until you have joined at the top.


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