Prayers for Paris

Tonight as I’m sitting safely in home, my heart is overwhelmed by the “Terror Attacks” in Paris.  I personally do not know anyone over there, but my prayers go out to them.  So far 158 people have been reported dead… I don’t understand how so much hatred and meanness is out in the world today.

My daughter and I were watching Aladdin a couple of weeks ago, and it upset her that Jafar was such a mean man.  I explained to her that it was just a movie… but her heart was filled with compassion towards him saying, “Mama, Jafar needs Jesus.  He needs to be saved, and know Jesus, because then he wouldn’t be so mean, and he could go to Heaven.  I’m going to pray for him that Jesus comes in his heart…”  Such powerful words from a 5 year old.  I explained to her that “if” Jafar was a real person, HE would have to ask Jesus to save him, that no one else could do it for him.  I gave her the example of how I couldn’t ask Jesus in her heart, just as she couldn’t ask Jesus into my heart.  That it is a personal decision.

I’m sharing this experience with you, because although we can’t ask Jesus into someone else’s heart, we CAN pray for them that they accept him.  We can also pray for everyone.  I’m asking that you join me in prayer for:

  • There to be peace in this wicked world
  • Safety for our loved ones, and those we do not know
  • Comfort to those who are hurting
  • And kindness to be shown worldwide, where no one will have to leave in fear of a Terror Attack

Thank you to all veterans, alive and those who have passed on before us, fighting and putting your life at risk, that we as a Nation could be free.

Love and prayers for Paris.

XOXOXO – Georgia Peach Queen


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