“AL”ien Invasions

This may not be a normal post.

But, I had an insight on my way home from work, and meeting up with hubs. No, a spaceship full of “aliens” didn’t appear. No UFO’s or strange little men…

It was the beginning “infestation” of Alabama fans going towards Athens to get ready for the face off “Between the Hedges”.  Be aware my friends, there are BAMA fans, more than ever before, round and about our territory.  Let us greet them with a friendly, loud and proud “Go Dawgs!”

These fans have made the journey, to come and watch Alabama face off with our Georgia Bulldogs. But HAVE NO FEAR… Nick Chubb, Sony Michel and Isaiah McKenzie are here to beckon their call.  The “fearsome threesome” as I like to call them.  Running is the passion that is evident to all that watch.

No offense to any “Bama” fans that may be reading this… know that I love you – even though you’ve picked the wrong color of Red.

Go get em boys! Show them exactly what you’re made of.  Play hard, stay focused – and GOOOOOO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!


                                                                                 Awake the Nation!

Georgia Bulldogs 2015


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