Every battle is not the same

During Bible Study we read about Joshua and his defeat over Jericoh.  And also about the defeat that they endured at the battle of Ai.  They felt so confident about their attack, since it went so peacefully at Jericoh.  Many at Jericoh probably thought that they had lost their mind.  However, their tactic is exactly what God had planned for them.  To march around Jericoh and shout on the last go around.  But that isn’t how he wanted the battle of Ai to go.  He had other plans.

This made me realize just how different each trial that we face, compares.

Why do we assume that each battle is to be handled the same? Why do we not ask God for guidance in each situation that we are faced with?

Many times when we ask God for guidance or strength we think that this is a “general” area.  Not each trial or tribulation that God sends our way is the same.  We need to ask for his guidance in EVERY situation that we face.

Just like when Moses was in the wilderness, and his people were thirsty. God told him the first time to “strike the rock”.  But the next time that his people were thirsty, God instructed him to “speak to the rock”.  However, he “struck the rock” once more, and his disobedience, caused him to never reach the Promised Land of Canaan.

Why do we think that when God gives us instructions, it is going to be “universal”?  Is it substantial enough for everything that we are going to face? Why do we not go to him for each problem that we are facing, and ask his guidance to bring us through it?

God never changes, but his mercies are endless.  Meaning that just like sheep, we are always in need of the shepherd.  Without our shepherd we would be lost…. clueless.

That is why we are compared to the sheep in the Bible, because we often stray from God’s will, and plan that he has for us.  Pray for each situation that God has in your life.  Pray without ceasing.  God yearns to hear from his children.

Without God’s direction, we would be like the lost sheep that the shepherd had to leave the 99 to find.

When God gives you instructions, learn… love… and trust his leadership and path.  But with every situation, seek his guidance.  For he will never leave you or forsaken you.


Abraham, Joseph or Jonah?

This is a very common question in our house. No, were not trying to name a baby boy.  Just getting that out right away.

Over our Bible Studies that we have, we have learned some of the characteristics of these men in the Bible.  Each one had a different and unique relationship with God. But what they did with their relationship is where their character was built.  Think for a minute about each of these 3 men.


  1. After praying for a child for many years, Abraham’s wife Sarah bore him a child – being old in age.
    1. After having loved his son Issac for many years, God asked Abraham to offer him as a sacrifice.  (I’m going ahead and putting it out there – I know I wouldn’t have the same courage that Abraham did.  But Praise God we don’t have to do sacrifices anymore.)
    2. When it came time for the sacrifice to be made – God sent the sacrifice to him.  Faith, love and courage was proven to God out of old Abraham.  He DID as God instructed him.


  1. His brothers were incredibly jealous of him.  So much that they took his coat of many colors dipped in the blood of the animal that they killed, threw him in a well and sold him as a slave. Then told their father that he was dead.
  2. After so much hate being shown by his brothers – he was still able to go on with his life.  A very prosperous life at that.
  3.  When he was finally able to see his brothers and father again… he FORGAVE his brothers.


  1. Ol Jonah was a rebel.  God instructed him to go to Ninevah.  He went the opposite way. Silly silly man.
  2. God was not having that.  He sent a great storm, and in the end, Jonah was threw overboard.  And swallowed by a large fish. But, his journey did not end there.
    1. You cannot run from God – no way, no how, no time of the day.
    2. God was testing him.  He cried out to God – asked for forgiveness.
    3. When the large fish (whale) spit him out, he was close to Ninevah and went and did as God had instructed him to do in the first place.

So, why is this question so popular in our house?

Behavioral Change

When the Georgia Peach Princess starts acting out… I ask her, “Are you acting like Abraham and obeying me and your Dad like Abraham obeyed God? Or are you acting like Jonah, and disobeying?”  This really makes her think about the decisions she’s making or how she is behaving.  Most of the time (because, hey, we’re human) she says she’s acting like Jonah because she’s not listening.  That’s when the change begins.  I ask her, “Now what happened to Jonah for being disobedient?” She responds with “A whale swallowed him, and I don’t want that to happen!” So I ask her who would be a better person to have the characteristics of.  She proudly answers “ABRAHAM!!!! Because he listened to God, and I know that he wants me to listen to you the first time, not the second.”

Hurt Feelings

My sweet baby may sometimes have a rough exterior to her… those of you who have been around her, this is obvious.  However, she has an incredibly big and loving heart.  Who really cares for others.

So, what do you do or say when someone has hurt your precious little ones feelings?  This is my response… I remind her of the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors.  How his brothers, were so cruel and mean to him.  Then I ask her, what Joseph did to his brothers when he finally saw them again?  1. Did he scream and shout at them? 2. Did he throw a temper tantrum?  She says, “No Mama.”  Then, I ask just what he did.  This is when she is reminded that we need to forgive others, like Joseph forgave his brothers.

Also, of how God forgives us when we mess up or do something that would make him unhappy.

She is all but 5 years old, and is learning so much about God’s love and the compassion that he has for us.  I try to remind her that we need to learn some lessons from these 3 men of the Bible:

  1. Obey your parents, for this is one of God’s Commandments.
  2. Trust God, and be faithful. (Abraham)
  3. Do things the first time you’re asked to (Abraham) not the second time (Jonah)
  4. Forgive others when the do us wrong (Joseph)

I love having our Bible Study time together.  She is not the only one benefitting from the study time.  You’re never to old to hear about God.  As many times as I heard these stories growing up, I still take something new away from it every time we study.  Sometimes, it’s just a refresher course, and others it’s the “Aha” moment when God shows you something new.

Remember, while we discipline our child, we can also be teaching them life long lessons of how God works in our lives each and every day.

– Love & God Bless,

Georgia Peach Queen

“AL”ien Invasions

This may not be a normal post.

But, I had an insight on my way home from work, and meeting up with hubs. No, a spaceship full of “aliens” didn’t appear. No UFO’s or strange little men…

It was the beginning “infestation” of Alabama fans going towards Athens to get ready for the face off “Between the Hedges”.  Be aware my friends, there are BAMA fans, more than ever before, round and about our territory.  Let us greet them with a friendly, loud and proud “Go Dawgs!”

These fans have made the journey, to come and watch Alabama face off with our Georgia Bulldogs. But HAVE NO FEAR… Nick Chubb, Sony Michel and Isaiah McKenzie are here to beckon their call.  The “fearsome threesome” as I like to call them.  Running is the passion that is evident to all that watch.

No offense to any “Bama” fans that may be reading this… know that I love you – even though you’ve picked the wrong color of Red.

Go get em boys! Show them exactly what you’re made of.  Play hard, stay focused – and GOOOOOO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!


                                                                                 Awake the Nation!

Georgia Bulldogs 2015