Labor Day – Rest Weekend

wpid-20150822_194655.jpgWell, as everyone is celebrating Labor Day, we are taking a chance to sit around the house, and just enjoy each others company.  Besides today we didn’t get out of the house.  The Georgia Peach Princess was trying to distract us from the games. She went and got herself dressed, and asked, “So, where are we going? Are we going in the out now?”  We hated to bust her bubble, but… No one was going in the out… not now, not later… because Football season was finally here!!!!!

Saturday – well it was football, football and oh yeah ice cream, plus some more football.  The Dawgs came and played their hearts out. Chubb – well, he says enough by his ability and talent on the field! Give that man the ball – and it’s all she wrote.

Most of the games had some great moments, which had us on the edge of our seats. Some however, lacked in enthusiasm.  Leaving you to wonder, just what had these teams been practicing during the off-season?  Was it just first game jitters? Or where they in over their head.

It’s race time now, and Tony Stewart has a good car tonight! He’s had a rough year, but I’m hoping that things are looking up for the #14 team.  Go Smoke!




Whose ready for some Football???!!!!

In less than 10 minutes we will be hours away from kick off! 12 to be exact.

How are y’all spending your Saturday?

The glorious and long awaited season is here!!!


– Amanda