Football Begins!!! Countdown!

It’s been a long off season… so long that the Georgia Peach King has been anxiously waiting on kick-off for the good ol’ Georgia Bulldogs… and the Dallas Cowboys.

He was so pumped up tonight when he got home, football season for Georgia officially starts next weekend.  Which means:

  1. Only football related stuff on TV
  2. Watching every game that comes on (I don’t mind that)
  3. Cookouts
  4. Earplugs for Georgia Peach Princess as she’s trying to go to sleep (Just kidding… well… maybe)

With that being said, the ultimate countdown has begun! 6 days till we get to see our Dawgs in action!!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS! Sic em woof woof woof!Dawgs & Cowboys


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