Kindergarten Here We Come

She's all ready to go!!

She’s all ready to go!!

Princess posing

Proud of her book bag

Well… my sweet baby made it through her first two weeks of Kindergarten. It took me those 2 weeks to get adjusted with our new schedule.  Here are a couple from her day.  She was SO excited on her way there. She couldn’t believe she was going to be in a big girls school now. (Neither could her Mama)

Getting ready to leave!

               Proud Ma-Ma & Shelby

She couldn’t wait to leave, but she let us take a few pictures before we left.

Dad & Shelby

When we had finally left, she was still all smiles! We prayed when we were on our way to keep her safe and build a hedge around our sweet little princess. This a BIG milestone! So glad he’s with her always.


Getting out

We’re here! Time to go in!!!!  It’s the beginning of her school career. Still excited.

At the front

First steps in

And we’re in.  Still excited…

Walking in the hall

Now she’s getting a little nervous. Bless her heart.

In the doorway

We made it to her classroom!


She found her cubby! (Is this really happening? I think she’s to young to be in school – just a Ma-Ma’s opinion)

At the tableThis is where it got real… I had to say bye to her and let her start school.

I thought that everything was going smoothly… then she admitted to me that she was scared. (I am to baby don’t worry) Of course I can’t say that to her, but inside my body ached to be with her through the whole day. But I knew that she was in very good hands. As I gave her a bye hug and kissed, she LOST IT! Oh my poor baby!

So, I did as any Ma-Ma would do… I went out in the hall and cried and cried. I didn’t leave the doorway till I didn’t hear anymore tears or sniffs from my sweet little princess.  All the moms that walked by me, patted me on the shoulder and said encouraging words. They all told me she’d be fine. I nodded and said, “Thank you”, but inside my soul was still breaking.

Then someone from the school walked by and gave me a hug saying, “Oh Ma-Ma, it’s going to be okay.” Little did I know at the time, but this was actually her principal.  She actually went into the room to check on her for me. God Bless you! She also informed me that her daughter in the same class, and that she would check on Shelby and her daughter all throughout the day. This was so encouraging to me.  God let this sweet lady be there and watch for her while she was at school.

I got a sense of peace just knowing that someone would go and check on her throughout the day.  That she cares so much for these children at her school, that she would do this for this Ma-Ma bawling her eyes out in the hall.

Thank you God for this wonderful blessing, and sending this sweet principal my way that morning. I know that he is always with her, and everything REALLY is going to be okay. The hedge built around her is so wonderfully made by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


One thought on “Kindergarten Here We Come

  1. I think this one is my favorite! It took me back! You can ask Momma H, we didn’t do the first day so good lol I cried and she cried, the teacher finally told her she HAD to go I would be alright without her lol Oh if only that was the case, I cried til I made myself sick. The little boy next to me kept saying please don’t be sick on me! Second day she made me ride the bus…I clung to a tree and refused to get on the bus! Your blog brought me some happy tears for you and memories for me. 🙂

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