A Bunch of Gamers

Game time - old school style! Bringing back the Atari!
Baseball – Atari style. Dad teaching her about the game.

Tonight was filled with love and laughter… (picture says it all) bringing back the old school game of Atari.

Wow, it seriously brings back some memories. The thing that I love about this game system is that it is kid friendly. So many of todays games have WAY to much violence. I personally don’t want my little Princess’ mind filled with that garbage. The world is such a mean place. I want to do my best to keep her mind, body and soul in God’s will. “Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it.”

The game isn’t just for kiddos, we got into to it as well. The simplicity of times, oh how I miss those days. I’m enjoying every minute of my little Princess’ youth! ūüôā


Bible Study – July 28, 2015

Last night in our nightly Bible Study, we were reading about Moses and the Israelites on their journey to Canaan.¬† As we’ve read the past couple of weeks, once again the Israelites were grumbling and complaining about their situation. Constantly complaining about not having water and, being tired of eating Manna.¬† When they grumbled to Moses about wanting meat… Moses cried out to God asking for him to provide his people meat.¬† When God heard his prayer, the meat was given to them.¬† Quails being sent by the multitudes! He even made it where they didn’t have to put much effort into catching their meat! What an awesome God we serve.

But… they were STILL not satisfied.¬† God heard their prayer, and yet when the prayer was answered, it wasn’t long before they were unhappy with their situation.¬† They didn’t even give him the praise and thank you that he deserves.¬† That seems like many of us in today’s world.¬† Do we praise him for the small things that he does for us daily? Or do we just thank him for the big things that he does for us?¬† Do we thank him for the groceries that he puts on our table?¬† Or do we just think him for the extra money given to us as a bonus?

Last night during our Bible¬†Study¬†when I brought this up with my 5 year old, it was clear how little the Israelite’s trusted God, and how even less they loved him.¬† This really broke my daughter’s heart.¬† She just couldn’t imagine how someone could be that way towards our Lord.¬† In her life, she’s grown up learning about how good God is, and how he provides for his children.¬† She knows that there are some children her age, that have never heard of him, and it breaks her heart.

As we discussed what was going on with Moses and his people, I told her that we need to strive even harder to do the things that please him, and makes him happy.¬† I was completely blown away when she told me that she didn’t think I could do much more for God, and thank HIM more.¬† I asked her why, and she said, “You teach me about Jesus – we pray – we try to show people and tell people about God.”¬† Not saying that I’m perfect, I am FAR from that.¬† I’m just a sinner saved by his wonderful grace.¬†So many times, I’ve wondered if I’m doing enough for her – teaching her enough about him – showing her love as he shows us.

Last night, my prayer was answered, and I owe him all¬†the thanks and all the praise!!!¬† When I feel like I’m not doing the best at being a parent, he shows me the harvest that has been reaped from the seeds that have been planted in my¬†sweet little angel.¬† She told me she KNOWS that I love Jesus, and she KNOWS that we are thankful that all we have.

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer, and hearing my cry to strive and do the best I possibly can at being a Mom!  With you I know all things are possible, and YOU are teaching me how to be the best example I can be.